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Buy augmentin cheap. I am also a fan of the new upgrade system. You now get 3 slots for new upgrade items. There are no longer any random bonuses after you rank up, every time up (or rank down in the new up system), you get an upgrade to your active class. There are also 5 new weapons that you can unlock or purchase. The new rank-up system is as follows: Rank X: up 10 times. Rank X: up 10 times. XI: Rank 50 Rank XI: up 50 times. XII: Rank 100 Rank XII: up 100 times. XIII: Rank 200 That's it! The list of new weapons you can buy includes the following: Viper (with the new rank-up system) M1 Garand (with the new rank-up system) MP 7 (with the new rank-up system) AKS-74u MK-94M PKM G36E - MP5K with a new magazine size for the mag AKS-74U Assault Rifles M4A1 (with the new rank-up system) AR-15 (with the new rank-up system) PK M2 M24 EBR (or its variant, "M24EBR-BD") KLK/M24 (from M24D) ARS (or its variant, "ARV-SR") RPG-7 M1902 grenade launcher HK51 grenade launcher, and so on. New skins include the following: Eagle (from the R4 EBR) Spartan (from the MK4E) USSR (new Soviet skin) Eagle (from the MK4E) USSR (new Soviet skin) Scorpion (from the FN MAG) DMR MK-9 (from the AUG) PTP KPV PKP PKM (with the new rank-up system) The AKS-74U and AK-47 can now be dual-wielded. New weapons for existing in ACOG: Sniper Rifles M16/9 M4 (from the M16A2) M249/3 M12 MK14/M1 (from the MP5/PDW) PPSh-41 MP5 (from the PPK) AK47 (from the AKM) Shotguns & Revolvers SCAR-H SPAS-12 L85A2 MAC-10/GL SASG-12 L86 M4A1 HVAP-90 P90 MP7 The new rank-up system works same way, to rank the various weapons. The M12 and SPAS-12 have had recoil lowered to keep them more playable. All the weapons have had their magazine size increased (except for the SPAS-12 which has magazine size increased in conjunction with the magazine size increase on M4A4), so they will do more damage per shot. The K&M-16 has undergone further change. It's a longer ranged sniper rifle with a 20 round magazine, and it's got all the sights. The new system was implemented so that the player will have to play with the appropriate ammo for weapons. This is an ongoing process since the new items and weapons were implemented to allow the player ability have a varied arsenal by allowing different ammo types to be used for different rifles. If you use your M4s as a medium-range sniper rifle, you won't see the same benefit as if you were to use a full-length M4, since the K&M-16 is slightly more accurate due to its longer barrel.

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